Our VMS. Your company’s DNA.

Industry-best configurability that will drive cost savings and productivity into your contingent labor supply chain.

Why Work Nexus?

Work Nexus is the most adaptable VMS you will find, tailor-made to fit your requirements, processes and environment. Superior Group configures the Work Nexus platform around your existing procedures, not the other way around.

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Managed Services

If you think of the vendor management system as the train tracks and locomotive of a well-run railroad, the managed service program provider brings the engineers, conductor, and other staff needed to run it.

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MSP Baker’s Dozen

Superior Group has been recognized by HRO Today as a member of the 2015 MSP Baker’s Dozen list.


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See for yourself how Work Nexus can help automate your contingent labor supply chains and optimize your procurement process outsourcing and independent contractor compliance programs.

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