Work Nexus is different…our VMS flexes where the customer needs it to flex, and grows when it’s needed to grow.  And all of this happens as a result of highly collaborative, consultative relationships that we forge and value with our customers.


Getting Work Done…Together

People are the most important part of an organization, and smart companies know how to get the most out of their people. Aleron’s strategic workforce solutions have been proven to do just that, resulting in greater resource visibilityefficiency, and cost savings.

Work Nexus optimizes the workflows associated with the requisitioning and management of:

  • Recruited and payrolled contingent workers
  • Independent contractors
  • Statement of work (SOW) vendors

Our customer portfolio spans a wide range of industries, including aerospace/defense, banking, electronics, retail/consumer, manufacturing, not-for-profit, power, semiconductor, and many more.  Why are companies from such a range of industries taking notice?

Work Nexus is the most adaptable VMS on the market, tailor-made to fit your requirements, processes and corporate culture.  It was developed in 1998 by a group of innovative staffing/HR experts.  Aleron’s more than 50 years of industry experience yields an intuitive VMS that goes beyond reflecting best practices—it defines them.

Form and Function

Not only is Work Nexus easy to use, it is also chock full of powerful tools that help make hiring and procurement managers’ work lives simple.  Some of these features include:

  • Our customizable SmartPage dashboard
  • Quick forms that accelerate common tasks
  • Form wizards that help guide process steps
  • Candidate ranking and comparisons, together with full lifecycle cost calculators
  • Leading-edge reports that empower stakeholders
  • And many more
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