Global Reach

A VMS That Thinks Locally And Acts Globally

To be an effective global solution, a VMS/MSP must go beyond just the IT configuration required for the local market. It must also adhere to payroll, taxation, compliance considerations, and do so in a way that feels natural for all users.

Superior Group’s status as a leading global workforce solutions provider enables companies using Work Nexus to benefit from a consistent, global system, while also retaining a local feel.

Key Considerations for a global VMS/MSP solution

  • Localized VMS/MSP models and communications
  • Understanding of in-country tax codes, privacy laws and labor regulations
  • Network of multilingual and multicultural support teams in low-cost geographies
  • Volume-of-spend thresholds that trigger program implementation
  • Ability to leverage in-country executive sponsorship
  • Effective engagement of suppliers across multiple geographies
  • Cross-border VAT harmony

Benefits of a Global MSP

  • Optimized cost consolidation strategy
  • Legal compliance and standardized business processes
  • Enhanced controls over global usage policies
  • Visibility into enterprise-wide spend data, supplier performance, and meaningful forecasting
  • Greater availability of talent through a rationalized, tiered supply base

  • Center of Excellence (COE) in Belgium provides European Value-Added Tax (VAT) processing with favorable Trade Treaty utilization
  • COEs in Slovakia and India offer stable, skilled support

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