Analytics and Business Intelligence

Rich data means measurement and ROI

The business world moves fast, and productivity is impacted by our ability to make sound choices based on good data.  Contingent worker programs are full of information that can reveal a wealth of detail, as long as they use a VMS/MSP with the right capacity to track, analyze and disseminate metrics.

Superior employs a three-pronged approach to ensure that we deliver the greatest value in contingent labor services and management:

  1. Automation: For system data to be useful it has to be convenient and accessible. That’s why Work Nexus uses an intuitive, customizable dashboard layout to give an overview into universal metrics. Further, the system uses IBM Cognos Active Reports designed for business users – not IT experts. Plus, because Cognos Active Reports can be used offline, they are ideal for remote teams.
  2. Data Analysis:  The system provides rich data analysis, such as markup comparisons against other customers in similar types of industries, locations, job markets, etc. This allows us to make solid business recommendations for process improvement, as well as decisions regarding pay and bill rates, which have been proven to amplify cost savings. Further, Superior holds quarterly business review meetings and annual reviews with customers, to make the most out of the rich datasets and to recommend best practices.
  3. Cost Savings:  When implementing MSPs, we analyze recent supply base pay rates, markups and bill rates. With this information, we can provide cost comparisons between your supply base rates versus labor market standards. This provides immediate, at-a-glance insight into contingent workforce spend. We have also provided volume rebate cost projections, tenure (assignment length) and prompt payment savings.
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