Configuring Your VMS

How do we get the most out of a VMS?

Many competing VMS providers don’t understand the value of true configuration. They provide out-of-the-box solutions with limited flexibility in order to offer rapid implementations. The trade-off is that these solutions have not been optimized to your company’s unique goals, processes and corporate culture.

And true configuration is about more than toggling a few technological switches.  It’s about harmonizing all of your stakeholder’s efforts and processes through a VMS that is always on key.

Work Nexus is the most flexible and custom-configurable VMS solution on the market today, typically implemented in eight to twelve weeks.

The Work Nexus discovery and needs analysis process, a custom part of every system deployment, is led by subject matter experts who not only understand the technology and the staffing industry, but also the importance of learning about your company and your needs.

Keys To A Successful Deployment

  • Superior implementation team members work closely with an internal executive sponsor and IT team to build a schedule for go-live
  • Identification of requirements
  • Removing roadblocks to successful implementation
  • Communication with user community to reinforce utilization, diminish pushback and proactively address questions
  • Adhere to the mutually agreed-upon Implementation Project Plan, fostering a timely and seamless transition

Want Work Nexus to work for you?  Take the first step.