VMS Cloud

Hassle-Free VMS Infrastructure

Work Nexus is maintained and updated by Superior Group, not by your IT team. No updates, upgrades or internal support are required—we handle all of that so you can focus on optimizing productivity.


Outside of scheduled maintenance that occurs during off-hours, Work Nexus’ availability is guaranteed in excess of 99%. Work Nexus has been in production since 1998, connecting thousands of customers, suppliers and employees with a singular purpose: business enablement.

Continuously improved

Superior Group has been awarded ISO 9001:2008, SOC Type I and SOC Type II certifications as a result of our commitment to quality and continuous improvement. Further, as part of our efforts to make Work Nexus the best VMS it can be, we conduct regular customer satisfaction surveys as part of our ISO-certified Quality Program. These surveys are designed to evaluate the performance of our programs, suppliers and contingent employees, and serve to facilitate continuous improvement across all operations.

System Architecture

The Work Nexus web server, application server and database physically reside on a single server in a real-time HA cluster. This cluster hosts two physically separate public Internet circuits through diverse ISP carriers. The real-time cluster ensures that if there is a failure in any area of the system—web, data or application—the entire application will instantly migrate to the clustered pair to maximize uptime and stability.

Work Nexus architects find privacy, data integrity and system uptime just as important as cost savings and productivity enhancements. This means your data is backed-up, safe and secure.

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