Why Work Nexus Is …


Each Work Nexus deployment is molded to meet your requirements, not the other way around. System configurations—company lexicon, workflows, approval hierarchies, goals—reflect your environment, for ultimate efficiency. Further, once Work Nexus is optimized for your organization’s environment, we continue innovating during steady-state operations. Superior Group’s agile teams provide proactive configurations with turnaround times that average approximately 4.8 business days.


Over 50 years of staffing experience allows Superior Group to provide VMS solutions that reflect industry nuances. Further, Superior serves as your consultative partner in the delivery of VMS excellence, as our proactive management approach keeps you informed about emerging trends and best practices.


Superior commits to an extensive needs analysis/discovery process prior to system implementation. This heavy up-front effort maps your requirements, allowing Superior to tailor Work Nexus to your specific workflows, resulting in higher adoption rates and goal achievement.


When processes are optimized to meet customer needs and workflows, bottlenecks and inefficiencies are minimized. The result is a tailor-fit solution that yields year-over-year cost savings and productivity enhancements.


Data accessibility via a user-friendly interface, coupled with Cognos-powered reporting across a wide range of commodities/resource types (contract workers, ICs, SOW vendors), make Work Nexus a powerful and informative business tool.

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