Key Functionality

Standard and Custom Functionality

More and more companies today are relying on contingent workforces to balance workload peaks and valleys, complement full-time staff, and engage resources with specialized skills.

But Work Nexus not only automates contingent labor supply chains, it also optimizes procurement process outsourcing and independent contractor compliance programs for companies around the globe.

Below is how discrete user groups engage and benefit from Work Nexus.

Hiring Managers

  • Create and submit job, project, or IC screening requisitions for approval
  • Distribute approved requisitions to all potential suppliers
  • Manage pending requisitions and submittals
  • Schedule candidate interviews and approve candidates for onboarding
  • Approve timesheets and expense reports
  • Track deliverables associated with SOWs and approve project milestones
  • Manage contract labor and IC assignments
  • Review meaningful reports on program and supplier performance

Suppliers of Contract Labor

  • Review job requisitions and present their candidate submissions
  • Schedule candidate interviews
  • Comply with screening and testing requirements
  • Pay employees based on reported hours and expenses
  • Monitor billing and payment on contract workers

Contingent Workers

  • Submit timesheets/expenses for approval
  • Record billable time and expenses

Suppliers of SOW-defined Deliverables

  • Track project milestones, invoices, and remittance
  • Upload information on deliverables for approvals
  • Submit accruals
  • Review approved purchase orders, including line item detail

Independent Contractors

  • Submit business documentation to substantiate bona fide IC status
  • Archive project documentation
  • Submit accruals
  • Upload project data for approval in accordance with SOW milestones
  • Submit and track project-based invoicing and remittance

Functionality Differentiators

  • Cognos-powered reporting capabilities
  • XPages functionality that supports the most flexible VMS on the market
  • Timesheets that allow for tracking and invoicing via not only contingent worker, but also SOW project-based work
  • Reverse-auction capabilities
  • Timecards that account for varying work schedules, including 9/80s

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