Work Nexus Benefits

A Flexible VMS Benefits You

Overseeing and managing costs associated with a contingent workforce, as well as ensuring compliance and maintaining visibility over procurement and statement of work processes, is a demanding proposition for any company.

To ease the burden, Work Nexus reduces hiring cycle times and administrative overhead associated with these processes by automating all major functions, from building job requisitions and submitting candidates, to workforce administration and billing. The proprietary system emphasizes configurability over preexisting, inflexible solutions. Each deployment has unique characteristics to reflect specific customer requirements.

Ensure Compliance

Work Nexus delivers an enterprise-wide overview of your staffing and activities of contingent workers, resulting in transparency and greater control across all stages of procurement. This allows you to ensure compliance and minimize exposure to employment misclassification or litigation.

Manage Risks

Work Nexus brings full visibility into your use of temporary employees and independent contractors, enabling you to be fully diligent about the use of contract staff. With all documentation housed in one place, Work Nexus delivers you insight into potential liabilities. For added value, managers using the system may also benefit from Superior’s co-employment risk mitigation trainings, which are included as no charge within our MSPs.

Increase Candidate Quality while Decreasing Costs

Work Nexus supports vendor neutrality, putting all suppliers on a level playing field. All suppliers have equal opportunity to fill open positions. Free market competition does the rest, compelling a right-sized supply base to submit top-tier candidates at the best prices possible. For customers who want more control over supplier use, Work Nexus may also be configured in a vendor positive manner.

Measure Results

With Work Nexus’ robust analytics and customizable reporting, you’ll use system metrics to make better-informed decisions about the use of contract staff, project-based workers and procured services, ultimately saving money.

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