Managed Services

We Know Managed Service Programs

If you think of the VMS as the train tracks and locomotive of a well-run railroad, the managed service program (MSP) provider represents the engineers, conductor, and other staff needed to run it.

The VMS provides automation of real-time contingent labor processes, such as requisition distribution, candidate review, interview scheduling, onboarding, timekeeping and more.

The MSP provider manages the program processes and deliverables, deploying on- or off-site program staff to manage suppliers, monitor and ensure effectiveness, and proactively identify and act upon cost saving opportunities.

Benefits of an Aleron MSP

  • Expert process consultation
  • Cost savings
  • Increased productivity, e.g., reduced times-to-fill, enhanced candidate quality, etc.
  • Rationalization and management of the supply base
  • Enterprise-wide compliance monitoring
  • Total pricing transparency
  • Proven implementation practices

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