Contingent Workforce

Managing Contingent Workforces

Work Nexus will allow you to streamline processes associated with the procurement and management of your global supply chain. If you choose, you’ll have access via our managed service programs to our expansive supplier network, allowing you to fill work orders in less time at competitive rates.  Alternatively, select Work Nexus as a standalone service managed by your internal staff, or engage our VMS Plus model, through which we offer baseline help to keep your program—and productivity—humming.

Contingent workers will also use Work Nexus to submit timecards and expense reports, as well as to view archived time and expenses.


  • Cost savings – Work Nexus enables your company to harmonize business processes and streamline communications – so you and your contingent workforce can work smarter. These efficiencies all add up to real cost savings across your enterprise.
  • Transparency – Work Nexus’ dashboard gives enterprise-wide insight at a glance into the contingent workforce. Work Nexus reveals where money is being spent on this workforce and brings it into the light. Further, robust Cognos reports give insight into trends, allowing efficiency enhancements.
  • Risk management – Work Nexus delivers an enterprise-wide overview of your use of contingent workers, resulting in transparency and greater control across all stages of procurement. This allows you to ensure compliance and minimize exposure to employment misclassification or litigation.
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