VMS for Statement of Work

Managing Statement of Work

Many companies have moved beyond the need to manage a contingent workforce, preferring also to have oversight of the entire Statement of Work (SOW) vendor lifecycle. Work Nexus gives you full visibility into elements like timeline, service level agreements and deliverables, streamlining the functions associated with SOW project management. The fully automated system triggers invoices when deliverables are approved, including optional support for periodic progress payments.

SOW-related processes supported within Work Nexus in real time include:

  • SOW project requisitioning and approval
  • SOW vendor selection
  • SOW Purchase Order management
  • Approval and tracking of milestones and/or deliverables
  • Deliverable or milestone-based consolidated invoicing
  • PO Consumption and Deliverable/Milestone reporting
  • Historical SOW usage tracking and analysis
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